Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cinderella Man

Just watched Cinderella Man a few hours ago.. damnnnn.. most def u'll be leavin the cinemas with a huge smile on ya face. this is def a feel good movie.. i seriously enjoyed the whole 2 hours..fightin scenes were mad nice too.. a rag to riches story, and its based on true events .. it cant get better than that .. i seriously recommend this to every1...
ohyea, i've got fz paper 3 tommorow.. no mood to study liao ...hehe.. i just dun feel the exam fever no more..dah sembuh i guess. =)
darling's birthday is comin soon liao..!!!!! 27 September!!! must plan on wat to get her la. havent really decided yet... i did think bout it, but just couldnt make any decisions YET.. hehe. i hate buying presents la, there's always that worry that the receiver wont like the gifts.. i know how it feels to get crap prezzies.. and there's no such thing as "its the thought that counts" that's just an excuse wen one cant find a good gift... believe me.. hehe
aite,imma go now..pc seems to be slowin down..ish
take care every1z...pz

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