Saturday, September 03, 2005


the poster says its ladies night.. but last thursday felt more like a gay nite,seriously..haha.. there wasnt much heads in attendance, and i knew almost every1 there, which meant that very few ppl turned up for the event.
anywayz, i did enjoy myself there tho Teh Tarik Crew did come managed to snap a few shots with em and talk to them n stuff.. very down to earth fellas,nice bunch of people..haha..ohyea, i got to get on stage n spit some stuff too!!! lol..freestyle smore.. not bad eh..? will post the pics wen i get em, no worries..
right now im feelin kinda tired, still wan get some sleep.. its rainin smore!!! can the weather get anymore better for sleepin??!!?? but ive gots to keep my eyes open man... im just 50 % into my preparations for the trials i guess, and that def isnt good news.. must ponteng sch smore..lolz.
cant even find much time to blog smore, thats how busy ive been..i bet every1's prepreared already,cept i always have that feelin wen exams are approachin..its like im the only1 who doesnt know everything,whilst every1's brains are filled with bullshit knowledge.. yeap, thats wat i call knowledge..its true.. cuz MOST (not every1..i said most) people are regarded as smart just cuz they can remember everything in a book.. its just memory . wat if they're takin pills to enhance their memory. or wat if they buy those memory things that u see on tv,the ones that help u read quickly n stuff( i used to watch this program everytime i came back from primary school) lol..
i heard the gal that got 17 A1's in spm last year had smth like a picture memory too..dunno wheter is it true onot la..
k, i guess imma stop here..its lunchtime...pz..

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