Wednesday, September 14, 2005


damn, i never thought i say this..but i gotta admitt, this trial exam is def takin a toll on me, even tho its just the third day.. wats worse is my college life is at stake rite here..ish..
nah, dun worry not stressed out... its just that mentally im dead tired..physically,i can go on and on.. how contrasting eh... lookin at the timetable itself is scary..


damn it, sej 2 is already gon take me hella long to read, and kimia is the sains bab which i hate the most.. and it so happens that the subject that i hate the most, has the most eksperimens.. ironic aint it..?lol

after this week than atleast i can take a lil easier.. Half of the burden gone liao by then..hehe..

aites,ive got add math tommorow.. gotta go practice now ..ish...
take carez yall n stay healthy,..

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