Wednesday, September 07, 2005


decided to skip school today.. gotta rush on my preparations for trials... time is movin hella fast rite now.. almost every1 is feelin stressed out.. and wat have i been doin..? writin why, but it seems like i can write easily these days..maybe cuz it helps take my mind off things at the moment.who knows eh, the EP might not be that far away from release afterall..hehe..
its hella easy to write n record a song,thats fo sure..but im not tryina make songs,im tryina make hits.thats the prob right there, how do u know wheter its gon be a hit or not..its def hard to tell,as u have to put urself in the shoes of the public, not from a rapper's point of view,but from the public's eye.. People want club hits,ppl want love songs.. And altho thats all that be played on the radio right now, they tak rasa jemu ..
ohyea, watched Shooting Stars ystd.. There's one thng that i def dislike bout the series, which is the fact that character developements are hella slow. Every 2 weeks they focus on 1 character oni... ish. i tak suka Sly
but 1 cool thing is that they play their own songs durin the show.its like ,u can hear Sly's song on the background n stuff.and ive gotta admitt,that song of his really not bad wei, altho im not a fan..i prefer Taufik since his stuff are more towards the R&B genre..
anywayz..imma stop rite here as ive gotta continue wid my chem... pz

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