Sunday, September 18, 2005


dah merdeka!!!!!!!!! or atleast sumtin similiar to that... ive already knocked down bio, chem , sej paper 2, and add maths.. so im left with a bunch of language subjects and physics.. 7 more days... sabar..sabar...
ah damn, tommorow got bm.. ive seriously never wrote a karangan for like,ages!! hopin that my mind stays active the whole time and doesnt run out of ideas...ish..
ohyea,for all yall who din notice... its 6.30 now.. i woke up at 6.30 a.m.. lol.. crazy life ainit...? duno why oso..cudnt sleep as soon as i heard thunder and i seriously thought my windows were shakin cuz of the strong winds.. cud just be my imagination tho..hehe..
i've got tuiton later at 9, and altho i feel its pointless cuz i hardly learn a thing there ( due to a bunch of factors ),atleast i can spend sum time with ma darling .. =)
aite, imma go play ps now.. lol.. u dun expect me to study rite..?? hehe..
ohyea, BEP got one new song.. 'My Hump' i think..gosh..i dunno it suppose to sound sexy or is she spose to sound iritating like gwen stef in Hollaback girl..?? i prefer them when they werent so commercial la, back when the chick belum join..heh..

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