Saturday, September 24, 2005


free liao!!! bebas!! hehe... nah, stil got 2 more days of paper.. but hu cares rite..??
darling's in jail now i think, visitin... cant believe they charge us Rm1 to another 'take our money ' scheme.. might as well go zoo see the animals.. prolly cost the same amount.. and zoo is also a jail wat, jail for animals.. u prolly find that both are preddy similiar.. both jails oso no captives wan... well, jb zoo got la..but they al tak gerak wan, so might as well assume got nuttin there rite..??
right now im kinda bored.. got nuttin to do.. prolly gon watch a dvd soon.. then i'll wait for dear to come back..impatient liao..hehe...
so fast gon be october ade... last year, around this time, i remember studyin like a mad fella tryina cover up all the form 4 syllabus. was hella crazy that time, cuz i was takin a honeymoon for the first half of the year and din really study much.. lolz..
how fast time flies... im aging... ish..

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