Wednesday, August 10, 2005

dah lama

its been awhile since ive last blogged eh..? been pretty busy lately..hmmm..
tommorow's a holliday, and tho i dun know wats it for..its still good news.. :) proly gon spend half my day outside tho, will be hangin out wid the guys in the mornin... weird eh..? as spm gets closer, im feelin more relaxed.. sumtins really wrong wid
tryina stay awake tonite and read a lil bit of bio... nah man, im not stayin up cuz liverpool's playin at 2.30 am.. :D been awhile since ive seen them play.. damnnnnnnnnnnnn.. the memory of the final still lingers in my mind... seems like it was just yesterday to me... one of the few times where ive seen miracles happen, and in no way am I exaggerating... any football fan wud realise and admitt that.. =)
thinkin of pontengin school more often, i feel im not doin that enuff... studyin at home is so much better ... any kaki ponteng wud understand ....
aihz.. i guess i go hit the books smore la.nuttin elseto do on9..

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