Wednesday, August 24, 2005


gon be 8pm..waitin for dinner.. so decided to take a lil of my time to blog here la, for all u miserable readers..hehe jpjp..
today was hella borin.. i cant find much stuff to do..i dont even have any dvds to watch..damnnn... so i ended up studyin/on9ing/bump to music at the same time..massive right..?all 3 at joke..haha..
my bro's comin back on sat/sun.. ish..the one part i def dislike is the fact that he hogs the internet u know how much i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the internet.. =D hopefully he got buy sometin for me from india.. last year he buy just pray la.. lolz
my room's gettin kinda messy right now.. books everywhere.. bottles n junkfood oso...its always liddat when its near exam time.. papers all on the floor n stuff.. i wonder wats gon happen to this room once i go kl to study.. i guess mum's gonna take away the closet, the extra mini study table n also change the bed.. that leaves me hope in converting this room to a studio.. yes,i know , iknow.. dream on right..?? thats wat dear's prolly thinkin wen she's readin this..haha..
ohyea,liverpool lost to cska sofia yesterday.. WTF!!!??!! haha.. lose at home smore..nasib they still go thru the next round..right now they're style of play is complete bullshit..just think bout it,pass 3 games..they oni score 1 goal..all against crappy team smore.. i hate to say it,but they've gotta buy Owen
k,imma go bath now. byebyez.

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