Friday, August 12, 2005


exactly 1 more month.. aikzzzz..... trials approachin so bloody soon liao... seriously, its like the past few weeks have come n gone in just a split second... gotta start my burnin midnight oil sessions liao... dah takleh main main... hehe..
HOWEVER,im still goin out prolly for half a day.. there's sjam agm in the morning, an altho ive been inactive for YEARSSSSSSS, i'll go just so i can talk shit with the guys there.. and later on we'll be headin to cs.. it's desmond's birthday... gr8 eh..? another excuse to lepak... but its been a long time since ive went out to cs or smth anywayz la..gotta breathe some fresh shoppin complex air tommorow.. =)
im bumpin to some usher now... a change from rap music for a lil bit.. his album Confessions, is really REALLY good music.. i admit i hardly listen to anytin else cept for rapmusic,but this album is an exception.. nice to bump to it while studyin n stuff... yeap,thats right..its a must for me to study and sleep wid the music on..all thanks to my bro la.. cuz last time when i was in primary 5 or 6,and he's in sec school,he always stay up till early mornin with the radio on..and i was forced to sleep in that condition.. was pure torture back ,but now i guess my jirans are the ones bein tortured.. i do play music hella loud.. hehe..
k,i guess i'll stop now and continue with sej..still got one thick ass book to cover.hmmmm...

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