Tuesday, August 02, 2005


came home today, and had a really bad headache.took a nap at 3,woke up at 5,and im still havin the damn bloody headache now..aihz..really takes away my mood to blog.. anywayz, my fren into me to this site : http://www.crissangel.com
and any1 who loves magic shud check that out,cuz thats magic on a whole different level.. there's some vids on the site under the media section,and u shud see when he makes this gal levitate in the streets... damnnn... never seen that done b4...
i remember back than wen every1 was amazed by david blaine's tricks, and some even said he wasnt human n stuff..lol..everythings got an explanation rite..? and 1 year later this program came out on tv where they exposed every1 of his tricks...damnnn.. bad for bizneess...lol..

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