Friday, August 05, 2005


got back from convent install bout 3 hours ago if im not mistaken...
the event was ok lor.. most of my frens didnt go , so i was kinda bored the whole time la, with not many guys to chill wid n stuff..
thought the performances was ok ... but felt like there was a lack of performers or was it just me..?? duno la..
ohyea...din go school in the mornin, was too tired..hehe jpjp..but seriously, i feel its a waste of time goin to school everyday n doin nth. i mean, i can fill up my time much better wen im at home, as the suroundings at home def is much better than in sch wen u wanna study rite..? its just so quiet n u can lie down on ur bed to study at home,whilist at school , even the bloody wooden chair feels so damn hella choosy eh..? :D
trials approachin MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD soon.. lol.. startin to panick abit la.. its only normal i guess.. exam fever bout to take over every1 soon.. but most ppl in my sch have yet to be infected wid it,we're still chillin n hangin out cam
cant really think of wat to blog bout nw,so i guess i'll stop here...chowzzzz

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