Monday, August 29, 2005


argh~ itchy! hahaz.. dear so proud of his injection!

newae, sch was ok. i reali dun see the point in goin to sch now adaeyz..most teachers have already finish teaching, and most of em dun even come in at all.. trials! in 2 weeks!! oh gawd.. have to reali readli jia you ade.. if oso no need go lar.. wish me luck !!

got smth reali sweet from me junior-partner in prefect.. she sho sweet la. =) this fridae is the farewell party for us.. AT LAST. muahahx. no more duty for us!! been waitin for this party since like form 3? form 2 oso we had, but end up being prefects again the next year.. must admit that i reali slacked as a prefect this year.. haha.. my worse years, now i understand how our seniors felt wen they were in form 5! and we were complain bout em alwiz makin noise and stuff..

i fell asleep while studyin chem todae, keep tellin meself not to sleep till i finish the chapter but.. hehe.tak jadi. so i woke up an hour later sweating!! in me air con room.. and of coz.. haha..drool.. i hate drooling.. ugh.

hmm..wut else... dear came for lunchie todae , then we played darts! haha.. i beat usual.. lalalalx..

kklar, i dunoe wut else to write ade.. am typing an entry coz i feel bad, haha. dear is alwiz the one blogging..

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