Wednesday, August 31, 2005


this is the 179 post?? tts fast.. haha.. most of the bloggings are dears anywae..
its 11.52 now.. wanna blog fast fast and go to sleep soon.. yawz.. reali sleeepy..newae, todae we went swimmin at austin hills..the water was reali icky.. so dirty and the floor was like slimy..ew.. so we al decided to stop swimmin and ran up to the so called "spa" place.. the toilets there.. so clean and nice.. got jacuzzi and everythin oso.. spent a long time blow dryin my hair, the air isnt hot, but cold was reali fun..then wen for steamboat at molek.. then back..

yay! i like the channel 8 7pm show!! its so cuutee..i like dragons.. haha.. i like the guy called libin.. he sooo cute. :P:P

yawnz..tired ade..

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