Sunday, August 21, 2005

ring ring

*handphone starts bising-ing*... daymnnnn..time to wake up from my afternoon nap...ish.. would love to sleep a lil longer tho, but i guess add maths needs me... or do i need add m3..?? weather now so nice smore... how i wish i was form 4.honeymoon year man....haha
went for tuiton in the mornin... i really pity Mr.Eng..every week oso his face macam damn stress..wrinkle semua dah nak wujud,veins all wan pop ..the class is really hella the ppl who sit in the front seem to be concentratin.. even i dont pay much attention ,cept for mebbe the first 30
ohyea,b4 i forget.... KANYE WEST ALBUM IS SERIOUSLY NICCEEEEE!!!! its close to perfection, might even be a classic.. ive listened to the album a couple of times already, and its really a smooth,laid back kinda album..there's no nid to get up from ur bed to press the skip button and stuff, cuz it is that mebbe im bein a lil bias la. but ya, do give it a listen if u need fresh music..
ohya, Mike Shinoda's album is also due out soon... cant wait for this one.. he's the only reason why ive ever bump to Linkin Park so's a leak track circling around the net forawhile,titled 'Remember The Name'... any1 hu wants it can ask me on msn for the file or smth..i'll be more than glad to share..haha..
aite,thats all for now.. time to study.. ish ...

ohyea,and one more thing..

Thursday, September 1st
10pm - close

Teh Tarik Crew LIVE at
New York Hotel
22 Jalan Dato Abdulllah Tahir, 80300
Johor Bahru
Club Infoline: 07-3333636

Lady Margarita Party Launch
Specials: Margaritas for ladies only RM2.99nett

u know i gotta be there.... dayummmnnn

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