Monday, August 15, 2005


just woke up from my short nap..couldnt really take a smooth nap, prolly cuz i realised that i could only nappy for 1 hour,which really isnt my thang..i need a 3 hour nap.. hehe..
feelin the pressure of trials already..hehe.. been studyin abit for the past few days as trials are approachin.. worried as shit liao. hehe..thank god the hollis are next week..i seriously cant wait to ATLEAST wake up at 8 am everyday for a week.. woohooooooooo :D
kinda bored rite nuttin to do while waitin for dinner so i decided to blog abit..
wat am i listenin to...?? an mp3 of chris rock's special on HBO... im tellin yall, this dude is straight up friggin hillarious.. every single word from his mouth will get me lmfao... no bs!!!
ohyea,ive decided to skip skool apparent reason actually..just feel that i wont be learnin much in sch , so stayin at home to study is a better choice.. ohyea, got a friendly match against larkin in the afternoon.hehe.. dont really know wat their standard is like,but surely better than us wan..aihz..
k,i guess i'll stop rite here.. ohyea, any1 prefer the old blogskin..??? hehe.. white n pink is sooooooooooooooooooo not my color,but i'll get used to it... prefer black tho, more macho..haha.. =) muax muax.i lurb u dear..

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