Monday, August 15, 2005

love u

nothin much happen in school todae.. hm..cept for lyn and her ..face hahaa..v cute lar..wont sae here, she will kill me..newae, brought cheezels to school! but i end up eating a lil bit of michelles porridge.. lyn went home early, her mummy came to fetch her..during recess.. had like 4 periods of bio lessons wid cheng.. oh yea, i fetched saga to sch again todae, and since pn khoo is not around becoz of the ASEAN thingy, netball.. i mite have to fetch her back and forth for a week.. dunoe wether dad will sae OK, have to ask him later..

Todae is the last episode of tong xin yuan show, lucky! am sick of all the quarels and back iritating.. budden i rather watch this then some stupid fighting show.. i think next is bt chris lee, if im not wrong...i have ter start studyin! trials.! dear is studyin real hard.. cheers to him! jiayou!!! have to learn from him ade.. haha..

hmmz.. oh yea, i changed my blog skin again..! and its white! for the 1st time.. hehe.. it was alwiz black, coz dear didnt like it bright and girly and all.. am wonderin wut shud i get from my bdae presentz.. frmo me daddy and mummy.. prolly buy shoes or bags or stuff like tt.. dunoe wut else i reali need..a 3g fone? haha.. not at the moment.dun like the designs now..waiting for cuter wans.. am quite attached to my current fone tho.. altho its not reali cute or anything, but functions are ok to me.. lalalaz..

cant wait for dinner! ystd's dinner was torture, i felt like i din eat anything at all! mum decided we shud all have a diet and she prepared ceaser salad..and ham sandwiches.. i wasnt even full! sigh... haha..

Guess that all for now... tata!

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