Wednesday, August 03, 2005


yayness... today passed better than yesterday.. atleast im not down wid the headache tired as hell yesterday, cuz of no particular reason... i guess school life is finally taking its toll on me eh..? after 5 bloody years in secondary
just 10 mins ago, i came into my room after having finished bathing..and then i noticed this sound.. a sound thats iritating as hell.. guess wat it is yet..? farking crickets in my ceilin.. wat the hell man, how da heck they even got up there... i have yet to see these crickets, but yea, it sure sounds like em... my house actually has alot of these noises, even in the pasu bungas my puts inside the house..i can actually hear those damn insects either making noises or making love inside the comfortable is it making love inside there in the first
contemplatin on weter i shud sleep in the guest room nxt door..the bed there is very very uncomfy tho..too high for me...
how ar..? it'll prolly iritate the shit outta me when im studyin... call the pest fella ar..? dunno how long these insects are gon stay up there smore...
kla..i'll go take a stick and hit th ceilin..warn them

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