Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Merdeka!!Merdeka!! Merdeka!!!
yup, its our country's birthday tommorow.. and what do ppl like me norm. do..? i enjoy the holiday rewarded to us for being a damn good citizen.. =D
remember the itch i was talkin bout..?? yea,its gettin better right now..cant really feel much itchyness, so i guess im recovering.. at one point i thought i was gon get the measels, and that was freakin me out,with the trials so near n stuff..
everynite im tryina stay up late to cover the syllabus. shit's really hard to do tho.. shud ikat one tali on my hair,like they did in the olden days.. but my hair too short la.. if do that method,confirm i jadi botak,then will look like ppl from saint john marching competition.. hehe jpjp..
ohyea..BAD BAD NEWS!!! Owen's signing for newcastle.. NEWCASTLE HAVE NOT EVEN SCORED A GOAL THIS SEASON!!! and he still wants to go there.. lol.. hope ur career gets worse.. aihz... guess i gotta be content wid liverpool havin cisse la..ish..
okiez,ive gotta go now.. wan study smore.byebyez ppl

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