Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy National Day!
Since its a holiday, Vernesse wanted dad to bring her to Tebrau City. So Kay and I tagged along.
Went into jusco, and I the people there giving out Milo! I love the Milo sample they give in jusco, so I walk towards the stand and waited.
The bloody woman didnt want to give me a sample even though I waited for so long, and she gave other people even though they were after me!!!
I waited for like one minute, and even when I held my hand up she didnt even look at me.
Im never gona take samples from stupid jusco anymore. hmph.
I'll make nicer milo at home. even nicer than yours! u stupid old woman.
I hope everyone who drank you milo lau sais.
and then u get sued for using expired milo and tap water.
On a lighter note, I finally ate my Green Tea Ice Cream!
Miss it soo much.
Dad agreed the let me drive into the house today, and surprisingly, he was quite surprised bt how bad i was.
I mean, its my first time what!
The moment he got out the car, he sat on the floor, then he pretended to shiver so much. lol
I thought I did not bad. =D
Oh yea, my blog is much prettier if you view it through IE.
Mozzilla makes it looks really stupid. hee

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