Saturday, October 13, 2007

Today was so tiring. =(
Us sisters decided to make dinner for my parents today. So we went to Tebrau City for lunch, and to get groceries for later.. Bought heaps of stuff and off we went to work.

Todays Menu
Creamy Chicken
Potato Salad
Spanish Egg

omg.. the amount of work to do was HORRIBLE. and the oni adult around was. erm. ME?
my maid went to Holiday Plaza to d some shopping.. and mum was with Aunty Chris signing up for this facial programme. So i was just US 3..
It was really, 2 gruelling hours in the kitchen, that by the time dinner was served, my eyes were already half opened.

But dinner was good! Mum and dad were really proud of us. So yay! =)
These recipes were taken from a book my godma gave me yesterday.. hehe
Oh yea. Celine wanted the recipe for the curry puffs right?
Its just
-tomatoes, onions and garlic (chopped up)
-chicken ( diced)
fry the onions, garlic, then the chicken. Next add the tomatoes.. then just add curry powder, and salt and pepper to taste! =)
You can make ur pastry urself, but I just bought mine from Giant. hee.
Pastry Puff k! I always tot i could use pohpiah skin.nv knew it was different.
then bake it in ur oven! oh yea, before u put it in the oven..
Seperate eggyolks, and beat. And just spread some onto ur pastry just before goin into the oven.
there. easy. =)


Tomorow, we're going to try to make Pengat Pisang. my fav fav fav malay desert!! =)
Bought all the ingredients..first time buying gula melaka and sago....
So kinda excited... hee

God. Im turning into a housewife..

oo. I was being such an idiot. It wasnt fooble that wasnt working for me. I wasnt even using Fooble? lol.. its actually shout smth right... Anyway, its working now, so i'll just take off cbox when im free..

Okie, getting tired. toodles. =)

30 more days!! (squeals!!)
im more excited than he is. bluegh . so shud change it to
30 more days!! till I get my krispy kreme!!!!!

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