Sunday, October 14, 2007

Woke up late, just in time for lunch at my grannies. Had prayers for my very late grandfather.
I never met him though.. Grandad passed away when mummy was.. 10 years old? I cant really remember..

Came back home, and was really, really tired, but didnt want to sleep, coz sleeping in the afternoon means realy realy late nights, and I have to be in the clinic at 8.30! So I begged mum to go get coconut milk, and I made Pengat Pisang!
For the first time, I squeezed out the santan by myself.. =) Was very tedious.. but everything was fruitful, because at the end.. my pengat pisang was very "laku"!
Dad ate 3 bowls! hee.. I also saw how sago was cooked today.. i love sago! hehe..
In case you all dont know, Pengat Pisang is a malay desert.
Made by mixing santan,banana, gula melaka and sago!

Then we had dinner smwer near JJ. Steamboat n "hanamasa=ing" hehe
we still call it hanamasa coz Hanamasa was the first place we went to that has this "frying" thingy. I ate soo much! Prawns, pork, fishball, chicken... But funnily, I didnt feel full at all..

Came back, and realised that i have to bake cakes for my godparents tomorow. *yawns* am on my 2nd cake now..

Sleepy. *yawns*

another day passes by..

to him : sorry couldnt tuck you to bed today.. I love you! and yea, ur arms are my home too. =)
maybe second home lah . =p

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