Tuesday, October 16, 2007


In less than a month time, I'll be back home, in my room thats air conditioned, a car to use during the afternoon and nights, mamak food, chinese food, Astro, and of course.. the presence of her. yes yes, for those that dont know, I should be touchin down @ Singapore on the 12 next month, and I'll be home for approx 3 months or so. None of that 2 weeks break that I had on June, this is that real summer wan. gyeaaa..

Dear & I have been makin plans on what we gon be doin, and Imma let her be my chauffer this time round, during occasions when I got no car to use lar.. And Im lookin forward to seeing how she drives =D

Exams are just round the corner now, and Im trying to cut down on sleep as much as possible. My sleeping times now are like, 2am , and wake up round 8 during weekdays. Yea, I know this doesnt sound like much if you're in Malaysia ar (when Im in sec school my sleeping pattern oso liddat wan), but then when you get older sleeping becomes more precious. trust me. lol

Ohyea, have i told yall bout spring yet? Hmmmm, to sum it up.. Spring is hot (almost malaysia-like) and has alot of insects, bugs and what nots flying/crawling/biting around. Serious weh, the flies here are so big rite, that i can even hit them consistently when I wave my hands..lol. And they just stick to you when you're walkin wan, as if you're a shit or smth. And no, its not cuz I smell or anything, everyone else has been complaining about it too. Besides that, got alot of moths too, and the ones over here are huge ass!! i think ive killed round 6 over the past 2 weeks or so, cuz they somehow found their way into the kitchen and living room, and started to iritate me. lol.

Okayy, i wanna study smore. pz

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