Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My life is so monotonous that the only things interesting to blog about is my presents! Not that people care lah. =(
This years pressie's are countable, even with the number of fingers i have!
But no complains no complains. Big girl ade =)
But still, having to celebrate my birthday with my family, and friends were really the best present this year. After all, if nth goes wrong with my course again, I wouldnt be able to spend my birthday with them for a long while!

Daddy gave me a camera last year. This year, i got a watch from him!
An O.D.M mysterious v watch!
Every diff colour has a specific sentence, word or picture. Mine says.
"I LOVE LUXURY" lol, which disgusted my godparents alot. lol.
I realise im into "bling bling"'s lol.. You should see my camera. hee

Next pressie, a sexy red bag from Kimberly and Juivy! Thank you girls. =) Very, very suitable for Chinese New Year! or a nice white tube dress hoh!

My "Be Chim" gave me a v nice crop jacket

My favourite part of the jacket! Like from Ms Whatever.. hehe

Chelle Chelle gave me a starbucks mug! I wanted to get it for myself.. but chelle said she 'll pay coz she didnt buy me anything yet. hehe.

Last but not least, the dress baby bought me, which fitted me perfectly. =)

Ive been sleeping so much now a dats. eye bags still so ming xian!!!
oh, i got presents for my sisters too.
kay bought me a headphone.. hehe, and nesse bought me a rm2 neck rest. u see lah. this ppl. hahaha
and i got a very very nice homemade photoframe from sarah!! =)

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