Thursday, September 20, 2007

I slept at 3 am last night.. was chatting with yvonne.. =) and i woke up at 12! haha..
Still having an I woke up with a v swollen lip.. sigh.

Mum brought me to Permas Jaya to have some ice kacang today.. Its been so long since we ate ice kacang from there! Very yummy since I was craving for some gula melaka.. hee
Other than that, nothing really happen. Gee. I should do something about my life. lol

I think I got an idea.. I shall start blogging about food!
lol! From now on, i'll take pictures of my lunch and dinner! lol

Been a while since i played with photoshop too.. too busy doing nothing.. =D

Dad told me that the poor girl who was killed is Nurin indeed.. She was abused till her parents couldnt recognize her at all...
DNA results came out today.. so expect the news tomorow..
Sigh.. imagine the torture she had gone thru for this whole month..
Parents should really keep a close eye on their children..
When I have my own, I probably need a leash to keep them from running away from me.

I really hope poor Nurin will come back as a ghost, and haunt the sick bastard that did that to her. Lets all just hope that this kind of tragedy wont happen anymore.. =(

oo! show starting!

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