Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We had a western Mooncake Festival! Went to Yew's Cafe for dinner.. I dont really fancy the food here though, its pricey, but doesnt taste as good as say... TGIF! I wanted to go to fridays, but dad wanted Yew's.. so off we went..

I had a Mango Banana Ice Blended.. Was really nice!
Cheesy Herb Garlic Bread. okay oni..
I cant rmb what these are called, but its really just hashbrown.
Salad.. =)
Escargot - i promise myself nv to eat this yummy dish because I was really disgusted when I thought about how these snails look like when they were alive.
Eeee... no matter how delicious these snails are..... *shivers*
No photos on our mains though.. Waiter stopped me from taking photos.. even asked me to delete the pictures i took! lol. He said he saw me taking photos through the CCTV. ugh. Cant blif them. Invading my privacy when Im eating. lol

My food was yucky though. Wasabi crispy chicken with garlic. But all i tasted was the too crunchy crumbs, and a really bitter taste. Mum had lamb chop which was nice, dad had codfish and salmon, kay had butter fish, and nesse had fish with oats.

I think i enjoyed my drink the most.! =)

Tomoro will be having a little gathering with some close frens.. Hope they dont stop me from taking pictures in Itallianies!

2 more days till my 19th! One month 2 more days till our 4th year, and 60 days till Im back in his arms. =)

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