Friday, September 28, 2007

Birthday Post!!

My birthday celebration started tt day.. We agreed to meet up at 1.30 after the form sixers got off school. Was really excited about meeting the girls coz its been so so long! =)
Mummy drove me, celine and mel to jusco.
After a while, Sarah spotted us.. and after an HOUR chelle and kim came! hee
We ordered 5 dishes at Itallianies, and shared it among ourselves.

These were the only pictures of the food. haha. Was too hungry, so I forgotten to take pictures! Mum came at the right time after grocery shopping, stole some food, then went back home. Celine suggested tt we ordered Sangria (was it?) so we did! Being the lousy alcoholic I am, my face became REALLY red, my back was RED, and soon after, I started having red rashes on my hands!! Lol.. but I was really ok, I could think right, walk straight... just that my body has these really weird reactions to alcohol.

I looked worse in real life.. I even overheard the waitress saying "tengok muka dia" and Celine heard our waiter saying " Yeala, dia minum Sangria" (?!?) so mean!

But it was really a nice change , coz we always head to vivos, or mcd.. hehe

After lunchie.. Birthday Girl was inspired by Sharpay from HSM, and she wanted. FABULOUS!!

And she got her wish!! =)

I really had so so much fun.. but I wish the rest of us were here as well... That would really make things perfect.. =)

omg. we (they) camwhored sooooo much!! i think 50% of the 100 photos taken were with Sarahs sunnies..!!! =D

Kim enjoyed herself the most i guess, she sings Korean Songs sooo well!! lol, even without lyrics k!! pei fu!! =) All in all, all of us TRIED to

- sing like Beyonce - rap like 50 cent - sing Jap songs - sound like Rihanna.

lol.. it was just pure fun. embarassing ourselves. =)

Then it was time to go home, but I didnt want my day to end just yet. And Chelle told me she went and bought baking stuffs.. So, in the end, the rest went home, and I went back to Chelles place! Been two whole years since I went to her place, so was really glad to see her mum, dad and sisters...

The messy ingredients on a small round table. Chelle took pretty long to get all the utensils. hee. another messy house like mine!!

Dont play play- we're working hard k.
From white..
To a yummy brown! Notice the heart shape in the mixture! Bestie Love lor

HUGE THANKS TO SARAH JANE FOR THE WONDERFUL RECIPE!! =) We didnt use brandy though... =p
The rest were used for cupcakes. Which were burnt because Chelle was busy taking off her make up. and i was busy with the icing. hee

Notice that our cake is so short? It didnt rise!! So chelles mum was laughing at our cake. Telling the sisters that our cake is the tallest cake she seen!! haha..

Then Chelle drove me home.. her driving skills not bad lor.. =)

Was on the webbie with dearie till my birthday! He sang for me so many times through out the day. =) Mummy and Kay were the only ones who wished me at home! Dad and nesse were sleeping d. bish.



had to wake up early for work today. *hmph* but time passed really quickly, and I was back home already.. Unwrapped dadddys present, which was a watch I wanted, but I didnt like it, coz it wasnt what i thought it was! So we headed back to Kerrys to change it. and now im having a nice nice nice watch which im sooo in love with!

Nothing much happen today.. was just webcaming with dearie till dinner, and that was when he told me the goooooood news! =D


So off we went to get ready for dinner, when my auntie comes and give me a present!

I love my family too biiiiiittsss! Our Place looks really nice frm here huh, thanks to the neighbours! hee

My Mango Chocolate Cheesecake which was heavenly!

Us in our home clothes. and daddy erm, half nekkie!

I look horrible here. hee, but oh well. Im a contented nineteen year old.. =)

Thank you all for making my birthday special. Thanks god, for arranging my failure so I can spend my 19th with my dearest family....

But dearest Andrew.. although i had sooo much fun..

Love so much,

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