Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy 700th post! =)
Today was rather mundane, but I enjoyed it!
Watched TV.. Practise driving.. Im improving!
Mummy and daddy even made mee hoon kueh for dinner, which was really yummy..
Watched Final Destination 3, House, and Ghost Whisperer! haha
I am such a lazy slacker.. Decided to bring my books and study at the clinic.. at least I got some things to do when Im too lazy to stand there and look at patients.

Andrew just showed me a magic trick! Police and Thief.. haha.
It was really cool.. wonder who thinks of all these tricks in the first place..
Must have been slackers who had nothing to do and spent their whole day with cards. lol.maybe i should start doing that too.. maybe i'll come up with a trick or 2. =D

Its 11 pm, and im sleep already. haha. yawns..
I'l save this post to be published tomorow so baby can get a share of the 700th post


Hey peoples.. Andrew here.. 8.17a.m... have closing tut at 9 later, but thank god thats it for the day. just a 2 hour thingy. Mad tired rite now, cuz I think I only had 2 hours of sleep or so.. Woke up at 4.30 to watch Porto VS Liverpool. Yeap, its been ages since I last caught a Liverpool match, and a fellow malaysian over here introduce this program to me which streams at a much better rate than the previous program i was using, PPmate. Hopefully I'm going to be watching more football from now on ar. Its def been awhile.

Anyways, Liverpool played their worse game ever. Really wei, in my lifetime of watchin them play, it has never been so frustrating. I think they only had 2 shots the whole game, nasib baik one of the shots was a goal so it finished 1-1. quite tulan wan ar when you sacrifice sleep and they play so horribly, it was like misplaced passes thruout the whole game wei, and they even had a player sent off! nvm , i'll take a draw rather than a defeat ar, and another consolation is the fact that Chelsea drea.. rotflmao =D

oh, its the 700 post eh? Wonder when will we be reaching 1000. Atleast dear has the semangat to blog nowadays ,so she's replacing me. heh . Aites, I need to go mandi and im off to class! See ya peoples, one

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