Sunday, September 02, 2007

After alot of attempts, I think Im gona stick to this background, might make another one if Im bored though..
I think i finally get all this HTML codes..
And its really fun to just play around with the codes.. lol
So today, dad brought me to this parking lot behind the hockey stadium..
I didnt like practising opposite SIGS, because there were so many cars.. and i was practising my reversing and stuff..
So we went there..
It was nice, and huge, and secluded.
So I just made a few rounds, and dad asked me to try and do a zig zag between the 3 poles..
Then suddenly.
I saw a car come in, and the man stop in the corner, and then he drove away, but when i turned my car i saw another car! There was a lady..
Then both the cars went away..
My dad was like, I bet that they are having an affair..
True enough, after like 10 minutes, the lady drove back in, and they parked their car in the corner, for a good 30 plus minutes..
The man was OLD!!
eeeeks.. around 50 plus? early 50..
was so disturbed, but Dad then asked me to do some parking. lol
Was funny, because I cannot do any parking without the tiangs!!
I really cant estimate..
the first time, my dad was like
: if there were cars there, you smashed into 2 of them d.
second time :
you missed by one whole parking spot..
grr.. and I have a damn bad habit of pressing the accelerator when I need to break fast.
I nearly ran into a bus stop today.. =(
nvm, practise makes perfect! I dont believe I cant do it when millions can! lol
I love my blogggie skin =) =)

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