Monday, September 10, 2007

My godma is renovating her house, and she loves books. So when I went over to see her new house, she gave me my mums old books..
2 romance novels..

The weird thing was. I was reading it on the 9th of Sept, and it WAS the 9th of September when I started the book. Coz a murder happened the day before the book started, which was the 8th!
So I read and read..
and at the end, just for the sake of mentioning the couples surroundings while they *u noe what*
my name was mentioned!
"The saxophone began another soulful song. Someone named Desiree was mentioned for supper. A blue jay flew into the courtyard, perched on the basin of the fountain"


Last night was horrible, I didnt sleep at ALL!!! =( till i got a shower at 7 smth in the morning. then slept for 20 minutes before going to the clinic.

Sigh, am I getting insomnia?
High School Musical songs keep playing in my head though. grr

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